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Pricing | Active Link Pricing – Active Link

Straightforward Pricing

Unlike other companies, we don’t hide our pricing or force you to contact us to see prices.

See it in Action


$250 / month

  • $500 one time set up fee
  • Includes $300 credit towards patient photos
  • Up to 2 doctors included in above pricing
  • $120/month per additional Doctor


$299 / month

  • $500 one time set up fee
  • Includes $300 credit towards patient photos
  • Up to 2 doctors included in above pricing
  • $150/month per additional Doctor

Our pricing is based on how you pay (annual or monthly) and the number of doctors in your practice. If you have a multiple location practice, please contact sales for pricing.

We license our service so what you see is our total price. There are no hidden fees or upgrade charges, etc. Our service provides the following:

  • Secure System access for all your doctors and staff
  • All features and all updates
  • Security and backup of your data, hosted in our data center
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Training and customer support


Required set up fee includes: System set up, personalization of the system to your practice, training, and integration with your EHR system.



  • Strengthen patient relationships
  • Increase sales between exams
  • Shorten eyewear replacement cycle

  • Sell more second pairs
  • Re-engage lost patients
  • Compete on service, not on price


Frequently asked questions

Do you require a long term contract?

No. You can cancel at any time. You have a choice of paying monthly or prepaying for one year.

Do you offer support?

Yes, besides our initial training and detailed online tutorials we offer customer support during business hours.

What if I do not have photos of my patients?

Although the system works best when your patients can view themselves in selected frames, we know it will take time to capture all your patients’ photos. Don’t worry, patients without photos will be sent communications with age appropriate models. Once your patient receives an email with a model they can either upload their own picture or can choose a different model.

Does using ActiveLink interfere with my daily practice processes?

No. The only thing that is different than you are doing today is taking and sending a photo of your patient during the exam process.

Do get to set my own frame and lens pricing?

Yes, you determine the price of each frame and lens your patients’ see. You can set pricing at a manufacture level, a brand level or at the individual frame level. You have complete control.

Do I get to control the manufacturing of my orders?

Yes, all orders generated though our system are sent to you for review. If the order looks good then you process the order just as you would if the customer called the order in on the phone.

Do I have to purchase additional equipment?

No, but to maximize the value of our system, most practices use an iPad or similar device during the exam process to take patient photos and upload them into our system.

What does the set up fee cover?

System integration, personalization to your practice, load frames inventory, and set lens and frames pricing.

Is your service HIPAA certified?

Our system and data has under gone HIPAA and PCI compliance audit tests via a 3rd party auditor and is secured based on the defined compliance standards. We undergo a compliance audit every 12 months, at a minimum.

Does the ActiveLink system work with my current reminder software?

Yes, our system is designed to complement you current appointment reminder software.

Does Active Link take a commission or percentage of increased sales?

No, you pay one flat price for our system and keep 100% of your customer sales revenue.

How are sales leads generated?

When your customers interact with the ActiveLink system we capture the frames they like and send you their lead information.